Custom Software Development

Our extensive experience, both in software development, and in working with the nonprofit and association community, gives us the expertise to create a product tailored specifically to your organization.

"We really have yet to have a wish that was not achievable."
Craig Silverio, CFO, Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute

When should you customize?

Each organization we work with has a unique mission. And because of this, each has unique requirements for their information system. This doesn't mean you need to modify the software to model each of your practices. You need to ask yourself if this effort will have a real return on investment. Will it pay for itself in increased revenue or increased operational efficiency? Will it advance your mission?


As software development guru Alistair Cockburn writes, "Software development is a game of invention and communication." Customization begins by working together to determine what needs to be done and at every step involves dialogue between users and the developers. We have borrowed from a wide range of formal software development methodologies:  the Rational Unified Process, Agile Modeling, Joint Application Development, and Extreme Programming. But the way we build software is based primarily on what we've learned from years of experience working directly with our users. We've learned that multiple iterations, clear specifications, comfortable conversation, and careful testing  are the key to effective software development.

Specifications and Estimates

Any time we are asked to do custom software work, we first spend time with the users to develop a clear description of exactly what needs to be done. Based on this understanding, we estimate the time it will take us to perform the work - including design, testing, training, and anything else the job requires. Once we give you an estimate, we stick to it - we guarantee that our bill will not exceed the estimate.

One last thing -- You keep the Source Code. Your license grants you a copy of the source code for Members Only,  complete with your customizations, updated semiannually.
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