Training Your Staff

Training is a critical part of a software roll-out that requires planning just like any other part of the process.  Ultimately, an organization needs to develop the ability to train new users themselves on an ongoing basis.

LEFT: Advanced users clinic at the Omaha/Council Bluffs YMCA

Training must be planned

Each organization has distinct training needs. For this reason, we include a training planning meeting in the business integration process. The discussion will focus on the way responsibilities are divided among workgroups in your organization, the general level of your staff's familiarity with your internal procedures, and the rate of staff turnover. This information will help us design the classes you need and determine which staff members should participate in the various sessions.

Beyond the Lecture

Its been found over and over again that adults learn best through active rather than passive learning experiences. So our training encourages the users to explore the software and solve real-life problems on their own. You are just as likely to see one of the students making a presentation to the class as to see our trainer doing so.

Advanced User Training

As your staff becomes proficient using MEMBERS ONLY for everyday work, they will have questions that we could not have imagined at the time of the rollout training. To meet this need, we've developed the Members Only Clinic, a training and information-sharing seminar built entirely around the participant's questions. We provide technical direction, while encouraging your staff identify its own internal resources. Some organizations find a Clinic helpful 90 days after "Going Live", and some find that as months or years go by, but Clinics are great refreshers anytime you feel your staff's MEMBERS ONLY knowledge is not what it should be.

Ongoing training

Rollout training is only one component of an overall training plan. In order to meet ongoing training needs, an organization needs to develop the capacity to train itself. We can help with our "train-the-trainer" seminar  - where we prepare users to meet ongoing training needs independently, and at the same time assist in developing an ongoing new-hire training curriculum. 

Additional Tools
You will also want to develop checklists, 'cheat sheets,' job aids, and other tools to help your users with their work. We can help with all of these as well.
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