Conservation Groups

Conservation and Environmental Organizations build public awareness of the need for profound policy changes toward our natural surroundings. Whether they are assuring that land and waterways remain clean and safe for recreation, working towards decreased carbon emissions, guaranteeing the preservation of wilderness areas, or championing sustainable development, these groups require systems to support their complex fundraising, outreach and educational efforts.

The Ocean Foundation

The Ocean Foundation (TOF) is dedicated to Ocean conservation throughout the world. TOF recruits and maintains a vibrant a community of experts in the field.  TOF Provides an umbrella under which all marine conservation organizations can gather to leverage their impact. TOF actively seeks and raises funds for all the organizations in its community. TOF provides expert financial advice for individuals and organizations wishing to invest in the preservation of oceans, world-wide. TOF then re-grants those funds with the advice of individual donors and ocean conservation experts to other non-profits. TOF has outreach offices on the coasts of Alaska, the Caribbean and the Baja Peninsula and it sponsors projects that range from sea animal and plant conservation to the oversight of development in oceanfront lands and marine communities.  Members Only Software tracks the diverse TOF projects, as well as their grants and the funding development for these projects.

Izaak Walton League of America

The Izaak Walton League was created in 1922 to protect the environment - specifically to protect outdoor America. In their mission statement they say they are "one of the earliest conservation organizations to set an aggressive course to defend wild America by changing public policy." Their current legislative priorities can be seen here. The league is structured as a membership organization with over 300 chapters. Many of these chapters have their own outdoor and conservation programs, including the maintenance of fishing and hunting lodges. The organization is named after Izaak Walton, a famous English fisherman, whose book "The Complete Angler" is the most published work in English after the Bible and the plays of Shakespeare!

The League users our CRM, Membership, Fundraising, Order Entry, and Project modules. In addition, they are using a custom Chapter module that allows them to track the programs, leadership, dues and members of each of their chapters. This is critical, since the national office is responsible for billing and collecting the chapter and regional dues, although the amounts of these dues are set at the local level by each chapter.
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