Members Only for the Y

Members Only CRM

The Community Relationship Manager is the core of every Members Only installation. The CRM tracks, categorizes, and inter-relates all the people and organizations you work with - staff, donors, members, campers, kids and parents. Powerful search tools and administrative utilities that serve to configure the entire system also reside in the CRM module. Product InfoSheet

Members Only AR

The Accounts Receivable Module is the other shared resource that all Members Only modules make use of. Any money invoiced or taken in through the activities you track in Members Only is managed here. The G/L Link function of the AR ties this data into your General Ledger: most popular commercial G/L packages are supported. Product InfoSheet

Y Members

Members are the most important group of people you work with.
The Y Members Module gives you the flexibility to let your members pay on a wide variety of plans, including by direct invoice, ACH Bank Draft, or automatic credit card payment. You can set one rate structure across your organization, or vary it from branch to branch. And you can track your members' use of the facility at a glance. Product Info Sheet.

Facility Access Control

The Facility Accesses  module manages four critical functions, which together give you complete control over access to your facilities. These are: a digital camera system  for taking photographs or your members; bar-coded photo ID card printing, a card scanning subsystem, and a statistics and reporting module. Product Info Sheet.

Y Programs

The Y Programs module brings together all the tasks in managing your organization's activities, integrating your operations across branches and tying together the front desk, the business office, and the program staff.  In addition to supporting registration for classes, sports, and camps, the module allows the sale of items you may sell at your counter, such as swim googles, day passes, tee-shirts, or snacks. Rosters, badges, and sign-in sheets are available at the click of a button.  Product Info Sheet.

Y Point of Sale

Your front desk needs to be set up to function with the efficiency your members expect of a modern retail point of sale. With Members Only, you can scan credit cards directly into the software, print receipts, sell over-the-counter items with a single click,  and control a cash register drawer, without installing any additional POS software. Product Info Sheet.

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