"Our association has been growing rapidly since we moved to MEMBERS ONLY. At one point, we grew almost 50% in six months! It would have been nearly impossible to absorb that growth without our new system. We have a very dynamic association, and  our friends at Members Only Software are a great help in creating solutions to new systems demands as they arise."
Jim Schuldt, CFO, YMCA of Greater Omaha

YMCA of Greater Omaha

We started working with the YMCA of  Greater Omaha back in 1996. We weren't even sure at first our association-management system could be adapted to a Y - but they were sure they liked our software better than anything else they'd looked at.  This is a nine- branch YMCA that links its facilities on a wide area Novell-based network using Novell Zenworks to publish applications out to all the branches.

We cut our YMCA teeth on the Omaha project, but each additional Y we've put on MEMBERS ONLY has taught us something new. While all the Y's we work with are alike in fundamental ways, their unique responses to the challenges faced by their communities have repeatedly challenged us to stretch the limits of the system. Omaha's innovative teen programs, combining social service intervention with more traditional YMCA activities, led to our Outreach module.

Triangle Area YMCA

The Triangle Area YMCA in the Raleigh-Durham area is a 14 branch association that uses Citrix to keep its 200+ MEMBERS ONLY users on-line.  Its world-famous sailing Camps, Seagull and Seafarer,  attract campers from all around the globe.  The Triangle Y also manages a large before- and after-school program that provides services to several thousand kids, some on a traditional school calendar and some in year-round schools. These complex programs forced us to build new capabilities into MEMBERS ONLY.

South Shore YMCA

The South Shore YMCA in Massachusetts was the first to go live on our Web Registration module, and they also prodded us to tackle the complexities of their state's way of managing  Title 20 monies. They've also taken the lead in suggesting some exciting new features in our Fundraising module.

MEMBERS ONLY for the YMCA supports the following functions:
  • Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Programs
  • Camps
  • Youth Sports
  • Outreach
  • Child Care / After School
  • Fundraising
  • Photo Id & Access Control
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
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