Members Only Watermarker

Monday, February 15, 2010

Members Only Watermarker(Members Only Software, Inc.)
How can you disseminate your products freely, and yet discourage widespread copying and sharing of materials that cost you  money to prepare? One way to is personalize each outgoing document some way. But this is difficult if you want to distribute the product an automated process, like your online store.  That's why we created The Members Only Watermarking Demon. The Watermarker watches your document sales, and can grab a document and stamp user information just before it is downloaded.

Inspired by a request from one of our users, the Watermarking Demon runs as a service on your database server and watches for requests to be dropped into its queue. When it gets one, it finds the referenced pdf document, stamp a user configurable watermark on it, and gives the resultant file a name specified in the call.  The new name might, for example, have the order number or member ID appended to the original name.

On the Watermarker's configuration tab, you can set the font, color, and page position of the watermark, and embed optional fields in your stamp, such as the date and time, the customer name, or the order number.

What's more, the Demon can then either email the file to the customer, or transfer it via ftp to your web server for subsequent download.

Since the Demon runs as a separate service, it can be configured to work not only with our OS/MOsys online store, but with other software for document distribution. It's just in its first version - so we're eager to hear your ideas about how a tool like this can simply your document distribution chores! 


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