Members Only ties your Inbox to your CRM with Outlook Link

Friday, October 15, 2010

Members Only ties your Inbox to your CRM with Outlook Link(Members Only Software, Inc.)
Members Only Software has announced the availability of the Outlook Link Sp10.  The Members Only Outlook Link allows you to utilize your Members Only email addresses directly from Outlook, dragging addresses into the To:, CC:, and BCC: address fields. The plug-in places a Members Only tab on the Outlook ribbon that gives you direct access to your members Only contacts while you are working in Outlook.

The link allows you to access your contact information in a variety of ways: by looking up an individual name, or by selecting from a display of all the people in an organization, a workgroup, a mailing list, or a meeting roster. Members Only Software CTO Jochen Heyland says "The biggest benefit of this link is for the top leadership of your organization, who probably spend far more of their day in Outlook than in your CRM."

But the real payoff of the Outlook Link is that it creates a one-click pathway for turning the information that arrives in your inbox into organizational knowledge. Just click on Save as Contact Log button that appears in the Outlook ribbon, and the email will be attached to the sender's record in your Members Only system. The email is entered into the Members Only contact log with todays' date -- the subject line becomes the headline of the log entry.

"This was the real winner in our office" said Members Only president Michael Stein. When one of us receives a request from a user by email, we can put it in the CRM where it belongs with a single click.  We built a custom add-on for our own use, to create a service ticket instead of a contact-log entry. I think we've just scratched the surface of what we can do with this tool."


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