Mobile Capability Enhances Members Only

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(Members Only Software, Inc.)Mobile Capability Enhances Members
A new enhancement to the Members Only NewsMailer now improves our users' ability to send news updates to subscribers on mobile devices. The news links recognize which users are on mobile phones, determines the screen size, and adjusts the display of the article to optimize its readability on any device.

The NewsMailer, originally written for one of our longtime Trade Association users, allows an organization to push out news articles stored in our Orchid Content Management System to Members Only mailing lists.  The initial push is an email consisting of a short blurb and a link; a click on the link displays the entire page formatted for either a mobile device or the big screen. These click-thrus are also counted and displayed on the Site Manager, so you can assess your audience's response to your mailings. In addition, social networking links appear on the bottom of each article, enabling your readers to spread your news to their own networks, on Twitter or Facebook. Each click on one of these SHARE icons is also tallied to assist you in analyzing your campaign's reach and effectiveness.

If you send a significant number of updates, you can take advantage of an additional option, and allow your subscribers to select the default "Immediate" mailings, or the less frequent Daily or Weekly digests.

For more information on Members Only Software and the Members Only NewsMailer, contact Doria Howe -


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