Members Only Readies Web-based Exhibit Sales

Monday, January 10, 2011

Members Only Readies Web-based Exhibit Sales(Members Only Software, Inc.)
The Members Only ExpoModule provides a rich internet mini-site for the sale of exhibit space at your meetings and expos, while keeping all of your customer financial activity completely integrated into Members Only.   Customers can browse a map of the floor layout to see which booths are still unavailable and who is occupying the ones that are taken. All it takes is a click for a logged-in user to sign up for a space, and secure credit card payment is fully integrated.

Since the module is completely integrated into Members Only, organizations can tailor business rules to automatically take into account membership status, membertype, and other key customer attributes. The Expo Module is one of our first elements of our new entirely-web based suite off applications to be released. Look for more announcements in the coming months! Or email Doria Howe for more information.


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