Members Only WebStore Ready for Prime Time

Friday, June 10, 2011

Members Only WebStore Ready for Prime Time(Members Only Software, Inc.)

The completely re-crafted Members Only WebStore provides a total online shopping experience for your community, tightly integrated to your Members Only CRM or Association Management System.  You can select items to feature on your store's main page. The Store lets you group items by categories that the user can select with a single click. The item description can contain images, links, and even embedded You Tube videos! Social links make sure your users can share out any items that interest them. And our superfast full text search lets your shoppers search for any word or phrase in the items' description. Since it's designed specifically as a tool for non-profits, the system can be set up to know instantly if a user is a member or supporter, and extend them a special rate.

The WebStore also provides full support for downloadable products. Users receive a confirmation email with a link to a personal download page providing access each downloadable they have purchased. Documents remain available on this page for a fixed amount of time, so your organization is protected from unauthorized download of your valuable information products.

But it's also set up to work with traditional shipping methods as well, and allows a variety of schemes to determine shipping and handling cost.

Built with our new suite of  GWT -based tools, The Members Only WebStore can be tightly intgrated with our other web products for a streamlined, integrated portal experience for your users. For more information, or to arrange a demo, contact Doria Howe.


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