Linking MailChimp to Members Only

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Linking MailChimp to Members Only(Members Only Software, Inc.)

Members Only Software can now provide your communications team seamless integration between the popular MailChimp email-marketing application and your CRM.  Users like MailChimp for its detailed analytics and superb support for create professional looking HTML emails.

And with this new interface your staff can use the Chimp to communicate to your members and donors without the tedious and error-prone task of extracting and uploading data. Even more importantly, unsubscribes and campaign mailing history are recorded directly in the Members Only CRM as well.

This magic can be done because MailChimp provides a very full featured programers interface, allowing us to to remote-control practically every aspect of the app from within Members Only. Each time you insert or edit a person's record, it is flagged for possible background upload to MailChimp. Then the Members Only ChimpService will make sure it is properly stored on the MailChimp site wherever it belongs, taking into account its Members Only List settings and the state of its Do Not Email flag. So your marketeers can release a mailing from MailChimp without ever going into the CRM, and trust that the data is up-to-date.

A campaign control panel lets you view your MailChimp campaigns and download the history of any campaign directly into Members Only.  You can download the unsubscribes as well -- they will be removed from the appropriate list, and the date of their unsubscribe will be recorded in their mailing history. All the List members can be viewed from this control page as well.

For more information on our MailChimp interface, just drop a note to Doria Howe.

MailChimp is a product of the Rocket Science Group.
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