Cumulus Fora: Online Discussion linked to your CRM

Monday, April 2, 2012

(Members Only Software, Inc.)
For years we've been asked if we could integrate our CRM and Membership Database with this or that product for managing online discussion forums. Finally, we realized it would be easier and cheaper if we just created our own forums tool. Cumulus Fora allows you to offer moderated online discussion forums on your website

Fora allows you organize the conversation on your site into any number of Discussion Groups. We restrict Group creation to staff members - but you determine who can create threads within the groups. You can make a group to be public,  or you can restrict participation to your members. In fact, you can restrict a discussion group to any Members Only or Cumulus WorkGroup - such as your Board, or a specific task force or committee. 

Online forums increase the engagement of your current friends and build community. But beyond that, Fora is a great tool for inbound marketing -- attraction to the discussion builds your list, since all participants must register on your site in order to post a contribution. And social buttons allow each post to be shared to Facebook or Twitter, spreading your message more widely.
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