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Monday, December 8, 2008

Sometimes we create hidden pages on our website, not linked to the navigation, for a special person or project to access. We'd like to give our colleagues a nice meaningful link, like But Orchid pages all have long computery URLs. Is there any way I can create my own URL for a page?

Sure. Orchid does this with a tool called Redirect. A Redirect makes a fictitious page name on your website point to a real page, either local to your site or external. For example, it is a redirect that makes the link point to Michael's blog at an entirely different domain.

To set up a Redirect, go to the Settings tab in the Site Manager. Down near the bottom of the page your see a box labeled Tools. Click on Redirect. You'll be taken to the Manage Redirects page. It shows you any redirects you have already defined. It looks like this:

Click the New icon and you will be taken to a very simple form with just two fields:

Put the fictitious page name in the top field and the full URL of the target site in the lower field.  Now click Add Redirect. That's all it takes!

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