International Address Postal Codes

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

International Address Postal CodesI notice that in Members Only that when we enter an address, some countries use the ZipCode field just like U.S. addresses, while others use the Int'lZip field, which prints out before the City. What determines which country gets which field?

Which postal code field the system uses  for each country is controlled by settings maintained under Supervisory/System Setup/System Configuration/International Address Settings. (Only system supervisors have acess to the Supervisory menu). Each country can be set to use, or not use, either of the fields. Thus it is possible for a country to use both the pre-city zip (AZIP) and post city zip (APLZ, or International Zip) fields. Since addressing rules of various countries may change at any time it is up to you to maintain this setup.

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