Labels and Badges: Sizing Badges in Members Only

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Labels and Badges: Sizing Badges in Members OnlyI set up badges for our conference in Members Only and they are almost perfect. They print on a two across, three down Avery badge stock, but each badge is slightly too short, so each one starts a bit higher on the badge. Unless I'm blind, there is no way to adjust the height of the badge. I started with a format that came with the program. How do I correct this?

The trick in the Badge and Label editor is that you set the margins on the stock, and then within that area you set the physical layout (how many down and across). The badges just divvy up all the areas that is NOT in the margins.

So if the badges come out squeezed to the top, as they did for this user, you just need to let them stretch down the page a bit, by making the bottom margin smaller. Similarly, if  you are laying out mailing labels to print three across (like Avery 6150s) and it seems each column starts a bit further to the right, just make the right hand margin bigger - this will squeeze all the labels left.

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