Making Phone calls right from Members Only

Monday, February 1, 2010

Making Phone calls right from Members OnlyWouldn't it be great if we could make phone calls from Members Only as easily as we can send emails? Just by clicking on a phone number?

Of course you can. What you need to do is download Skype, the popular low-cost internet phone service, and sign up for a Skype-to-phone account. This gives you unlimited calling to phones for a low monthly price: both domestic and international plans are available. You'll also want to buy yourself a nice headset like Emily here. Now you are ready - just click on any phone number displayed in the How-To-Contact grid and Skype will take over for you!

One note - you really do want to run out and get that headset. Relying on the built-in speaker and mic in your computer is a recipe for feedback problems reminiscent of your middle school PA system.

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