Inserting Mailing History Records

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inserting Mailing History RecordsI know how to tell Members Only to insert Mailing History records for recipients when I do a Blast email from the application. But suppose I mail out a hard copy communication to a list of folks in the system. How can I insert mailing history for those?

It's all done from the Mailing Record. You can not only create mailing history from the this form, you can create the merge file for creating the mailing itself.

Creating a Mailing Record

If you have not already done so, create a Mailing Record to identify this particular communication. You'll find the Mailing table in the main menu under Files->Mailings

The important fields to enter are the mailing ID, date, and description; all the rest is optional documentation for your own reference.

Selecting Recipients

Now go to the Lists tab on the form and identify the mailing lists that received the communication. Note that the excludes take precedence - that is, the system will exclude people on these lists, even if they are on one of the included lists.

Ok - we're almost there. Now save your mailing record. Then click the Process Mailing button.

Generating a Mailing Merge File and Mailing History

When you click OK, the system will insert mailing history records for all of the people on any of the Include lists, except for those on the Exclude lists.  Mailing History for each person in your database is visible on the PERSON form.

You also have the option to build a Merge Data File, which you can use for actually sending the mailing, if you have not already done so via the Query. This file can be created as a comma-separated value (csv) file (works with Excel and Word) , or a tab-delimited file for compatability with some older applications.

Notice that you can set a maximum number of records to include in the merge file. If there are more recipients, more files will be created, numbered in sequence.

There is also an option for what to do when when you process this mailing a second (or additional) time... do you want to only include the peope who were not in the first run, or do you want to include everyone?

The functionality described here is in our Service Pack 10 - if you have an earlier version give us a call and we can schedule your update.

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