Adding custom search tags to a record

Friday, May 27, 2011

Adding custom search tags to a recordMany of the organizations we work with are known by several names. Or former names. Or names of orgs they've merged with. I need to be able to look them up by all these names. Is that possible?

Yes it is. What you want to do is add each of  these additional names as a "user index reference" on the record. Here's how:

Display the profile of the Organization. From the Sidebar (in HTML Profile view) or the Organization Menu (in Data Entry View) select Update Index. You'll see a dialog with two grids, one above the other. The top grid contains the system generated indexes, and is not editable. (To learn how to determine what fields are indexed here - see this earlier tip. ) The bottom grid contains terms you can enter by hand. Usually it is empty. But anything you enter here will serve as an index for this record on the CRM Search (F3). 

In the pictured example, we're telling the system to find Central Missouri State University by the nicknames MOState and CentralMO

Give it a try! The same technique works on people as well. Very useful to track people who have changed their name due to marriage,  or who have a professional or stage name.

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