Cutting and Pasting Account Credits

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cutting and Pasting Account CreditsSometimes we have a need to "transfer" a credit one one account to another. For example, an organization has a credit due to a cancelled registration and wants to apply it to membership. What is the proper way to do this?

This is done with our Cut and Paste Credit feature -  one of the less common tools in the members Only toolbox. Cut and Paste credit transfers the credit between one sale and another by applying a transaction to each sale. Thus the transfer leave a complete audit trail. Here's how it done.

Go first to the sale that has the credit. From the Sale menu, select Cut Credit.

When you click Cut Credit a confirmation dialog will appear, but even if you say YES, nothing else will happen until you paste the credit somewhere. This prevents the credit from just being lost in limbo.

Now we go to the sale to which we would like to apply the credit.
Notice that now the Sale menu has changed, and that there is a Paste Credit rather than a Cut Credit button.

When we select Paste Credit, we again receive a confirmation dialog.

When we approve this confirmation, a transaction wil be applied to each sale, with the net effect that the credit has been transferred to the second item. Notice that each transaction references the other sale in the process, so that it is easy to see afterwards what has occurred.

On the second sale's Transaction Tab, we can see the $400.00 adjustment entered againt it:

And on the sales Front page, we can see the $400.00 adjustment has brought the balance down to $200.00

And if we were to go back to the first sale, we would see a corresponding transaction and balance offset.

Try it!


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