Building Session Tracks in Members Only Meetings

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Building Session Tracks in Members Only Meetings

The Session Setup in the Members Only Meetings and Events module lets you perform a variety of tracking, pricing and inclusion tricks.  For example, you might want to put three educational sessions in a special Cloud Computing track, but still allow participants to register for each individually. Here's how you can do it.

Session Setup in Members Only gives you a lot of freedom to determine pricing of a session. For example, suppose you want to make the KeyNote Breakfast free for Members but require an additional fee for non-members. You can do this simply by setting up different pricing levels in the Fee Grid on the Session.

You can also include several sessions within a another session, to create a "track".

For example,  let's suppose you want to place the educational sessions "Understanding Cloud Computing", "Assessing Security Risks in the Cloud", and "Deploying your Apps to the Cloud"  in the "Cloud Computing Track." You'd like people who sign up for the track to get all three sessions at one price, which is a discount over the individual session price. You'd still like to allow people to sign up for the sessions individually, and you want a single roster for each class that includes both the track and individual session registrants.

This is also easily done. First create a Cloud Computing Track as a session - and assign it whatever pricing you wish. Let's say you gave it the Session ID TCC.  Now create the first of the individual classes. The prices you give this class should be the price you want to charge registrants signing up for the class individually.

Now, let's add it to the track:
1) First,  set the Parent Session ID (on the right of the Session Options Tab) to TCC - the session id you gave to the Track.

2) Second, check the check box directly under this field, labeled "Free if Registered for Parent Session".

3) Finally, go back to the pricing grid on the Fees/Expense tab, and identify the column called "SesnAutomatic" at the far right. Setting this field to true in a row of the pricing grid makes the system automatically insert a registrant of that type into the session when they register for the parent.  

Notice that you can opt to leave this field false for some Fee Types. What is the point of this? Well, it means you can have a special bonus class in the track that only Members get automatically. But most of the time, you will probably want to set it to be true for every fee type. Then any registrant to the track will be signed up for the classes within it automatically.

This works for all registrations entered into the system either via the in-house Members Only application, or with any of our online registration tools.

Be sure to ask for support if you have any questions about setting up your complex meetings and events in Members Only. Just drop us a note!

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