Problems with Members Only via Remote Desktop Services on 2008RS2

Friday, July 7, 2017

Problems with Members Only via Remote Desktop Services on 2008RS2A user reports: "Our Members Only installation is quite stable when we use it across our LAN. But when a few people get on via Terminal Server, it starts to throw exceptions. In particular we get "C0000006" exceptions. This is the exact installation that runs fine over the LAN - we've just mapped to it on the Terminal Server box."

Well, that's the problem right there - RDS on 2008R2 or 2012R2 has issues running applications that are not resident on the terminal server box. The application runs fine when just one instance  is in use - but when there are multiple users connected via RDP,  one user's logout can cause other users to suddenly close files opened over the net- including executable files.  Apparently this was a problem that was fixed on Server 2003 in one of the service packs, and then reintroduced in the newer server OS.

There is a Microsoft knowledge-base article about this problem here:;en-US;2536487

The solution is to put a copy of the Members Only program folder on the terminal server. This can take a bit of care, and may involve the relocation of other files to a new folder, to avoid duplicating settings files. If  you are having this problem, drop us a note and we can help you reconfigure.

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