Members Only Software builds integrated software applications for the non-profit, trade association, think tank, and YMCA communities. Members Only Software provides custom Windows or Browser-based software development for CRM, financial, and e-commerce applications. Members Only Software offers consultation and services to help organizations grasp PCI requirements and manage credit cards securely.

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Members Only over Remote Desktop Services.

A documented issue in Windows Server 2008RS2 can cause problems when trying to access Members Only over RDS. But an adjustment to your MO configuration will solve the problem.
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The hidden security leak in your office.

We're always amazed at people's ability to lie awake at night worrying about security while missing their most glaring vulnerabilities. We've written in the past about orgs that worry about software security while leaving their server in an open room, or fret over PCI compliance while not putting in place policies for the proper destruction of mail-in forms with cardnumber data. Now CBS News gets us to focus on an often overlooked issue: the hard drive in your digital copier.

Members Only puts you on the path to PCI compliance

Members Only and X-Charge: A PA-DSS Payment Solution
The major credit card brands are demanding merchant account holders get in line with their evolving PCI data security standard. One way to ease your path to compliance is to use a payment solution that's already been deemed secure by the PCI. That's why Members Only now provides CAMCommerce X-Charge at the heart of its payment strategy. more...

News for non-profit IT Professionals

The ABCs of Advanced Persistent threats.
The nature of malware has changed over the last several years. Today's insidious infestations are known as Advanced Persistent Threats - persistent in that they remain quietly in your network, compromising device after device. And the "hacker" in charge may just be a government or an international criminal organization. 
Security  1/2/2014

Speech recognition - the unreachable frontier
Siri didn't realize you were asking her on a date? Don't feel too bad. James McKendrick feels that usable speech recognition by computers is a long way off.
Speech recognition.  1/3/2014

It's Time to Get over the BYOD Obsession
Galen Gruman argues that BYOD is not a new phoenomenon and it's time to IT decisionmakers to stop talking about it the way they have been. The proliferation of devices people want to bring into the workplace confront you with exactly the same problems that laptops and jumpdrives did a few years  back - making and enforcing clear policies on security and compliance
BYOD 1/2/2014

Debunking Five Cloud Computing Myths
Paul Barsch takes on five common myths about "The Cloud".
Cloud 1/6/2014

Leaving no stone unturned in the search for knowledge, Science published a study searching for evidence of time travelers posting on Twitter and Facebook.
ANFSCD  1/4/2014


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