Members Only: our base product is a suite of integrated Windows and Browser-based software applications for the non-profit, trade association, think tank, and YMCA communities.
Members Only Software can work with you to create custom web and mobile solutions to your organization's most knotty business, e-commerce or volunteer-management  requirements.
Members Only Software offers a payment system that integrates with with X-Charge, Authorize.Net, or First Data for secure, PCI-compliant e-commerce. We support Paypal as well.

Credit Card Security is not Rocket Science!

  • more than half of all credit card thefts involve employees or business partners.

  • 83% were not technologically sophisticated.

  • 66% of security breaches involved data the victim did not know he had on his system.

  • 87% were avoidable through the imposition of reasonable controls.

Do you have controls in place?

We can provide the services you need to assure compliance with the PCI Security Standard.

Be sure to visit our New PCI Resource Center

(statistics from the PCI Security
 Standards Council)


News for non-profit IT Professionals

Winning the war on Ransomware
Credit card fraud used to be the main form of hacking that non-profit CEO's lost sleep over. Now Ransomware is costing organizations real money. But there are actions to take now.
CSOOnline 5/17

Windows 7 not yet totally eclipsed
If you are an IT manager of a Windows 7 shop feeling pressured that real networks have Win10 on the desktops - relax. Windows 7 use remains strong, and Windows 10 adoption slow. And Windows XP is still found on half of all desktops!
ComputerWorld, 8/17

Putting a program in place to encourage strong password use
We see really weak passwords in use in so many locations - not to mention software for routers, switches, and other critical devices left at their default values. Lifehacker has some tips that may help you encourage your users to adopt stronger passwords.
Lifehacker, 8/2017

Leaving no stone unturned in the search for knowledge, Science published a study searching for evidence of time travelers posting on Twitter and Facebook.
ANFSCD  1/4/2014


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